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We have a new product for your foundation vent wells

The Problem

Typical Foundation Vent
Typical Foundation Vent

The Solution

Dec-O-Vent Illustration
Solution for Proper Block-Out

The Result

Dec-O-Vent Installation
Dec-O-Vent Installation




Subgrade foundation vents The main body of Dec-O-Vent blocks water & debris from entering foundation vent and enhances airflow under structures. Superior airflow under home. No unsightly build up of leaves & debris in foundation vent.
Water drains into vents and under the home. Moisture problems develop under the home; mold, insulation failure, bugs, dry rot. Drain plate has two positions for ease of adjustment & installation. Moisture from foundation vents is drained away from home.
Air supply under home is diminished due to debris build up in vents. Main body cavity allows for adequate air supply. The free air supply of the lid is 125% of normal foundation vents. Free air supply of Dec-O-Vent is 86 square inches. Meets all building code requirements for foundation vents.
Most foundation vents are made of materials that over time decompose & leave the foundation vent wells exposed. Unit is composed of high impact, lightweight, UV protected ABS materials that will not deteriorate, rust, or corrode. Lid supports over 700 lbs. UV protection of main components resist fading and increases life span. Dec-O-Vent is attractive and adds value to any construction.
Most contractors have to build their foundation vents to meet the needs of the building. Dec-O-Vent comes ready to install with the instruction manual, all neatly contained in a box. Easy install for new construction, remodels, landscaping, foundation vents for cement patios or sidewalks that abut buildings.

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